Hello i decided to start and share with you what i am doing to try to save some extra money in any other way...

Feel free to read and let me know if you have any questions as i will be more than happy to answers them for you...

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Jingit - Earn $$$ just by watching very short videos.....

Jingit is about earning real cash (not credits, points or virtual currency) by opt-ing in to video and interactive brand engagements. It is VERY easy, watch very short videos/commercials and get paid....

You have a maximum earning of $5 weekly but for every friend that sign up under you your limit increase by $0.25 up to a weekly limit of $10 
They reset every Sunday so you have all week to watch the videos to reach your limit

I have already earned over $25 there. (this is my balance right now but I used over $10 already) ...and i have to say that i LOVE it...

There are 2 ways to redeem your cash
1. Order a Jingit Visa Debit Card and transfer the cash there (there is a $2 fee for that and it will be taken from your earning)

2. Buy songs from MusicMe using your Jingit balance....

I'm not really into music and actual cash is so much better so i transfer everything to the Debit Card...

Now the good thing is that every person with a Facebook account and a phone number can join Jingit ..so you and your hubby/spouse and each kids.....(very nice way for the kids to have some extra cash, right?

So click here and start to earn as well and enjoy FREE cash....

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Endorse: Earn Cash Back for In-Store Purchases

I was reading a wonderful blog/website i follow and came across something called Endorse....

What is Endorse?
Endorse is a new app for Facebook that rewards you for buying the products you love. By using Endorse you can "endorse" your favorite products and get paid back for buying those products with your followers whenever and wherever you already shop- online and offline. The more followers you have and the more loyal you all are to those products, the more everyone earns back. You could earn hundreds of dollars a month by staying loyal to your favorite brands, products, and retailers.

How it works.....

Please go over here  and sign up, you need to have a facebook account to be able to use it...

Look for products or store that you're buying from and "endorse"...You will in a few days get envelopes in the mail and just put your receipts there and send it back to them (pretty much like Netflix).
When they will receive your receipts, Endorse will match the purchases you made with the endorsement list you did and then will calculate you cash back

Once you account balance exceeds $25, Endorse will send you a check in the mail....

Until now we only had cash back for online purchases but now with Endorse you will also get money back for purchasing products online....

Now the good thing, is that when we're both endorsing the same products, we both earn at the same time..(i.e if i bought it you will get the 10% as well)
Here's a small list of products and stores that you can endorse and start to get 10% cash back on your store purchases...


Rite Aid

Dollar General


The Children's Place



Crest Toothpaste




Yoplait Go-Gurt

Home Depot

After you join a store/product that i'm endorsing already, please check my list and join from there so we can both earn....

Those are just few of them....you can look for the products you buy, endorse and start to earn 10% cash back

Thanks go to Collin from Hip2Save

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Crowdtap - earn money for you and charity and collaborate w/brands

Get rewarded for ideating and promoting with leading brands, entertainment properties, non-profits and startups. Earn cash for rewards support your charity..

I was able to sample some Old Navy jeans with them, they sent me 4 coupons for a FREE capri jeans to wear and then submit a survey with my thoughts on that, how easy is that....:)

Register here and start earning.

Friday, February 18, 2011


MyLikes is a words-of-mouth advertising platform that allows the long tail of influencers on the web to create endorsements for products and services they like, Pay per click program that through Twitter and Facebook, you can send out a post once daily about products or services you enjoy.

I have accumulated over $2 every week. I know you will say what's $2 but don't forget everything adds up.. and it pays so quick by the end of the day each Friday...You need to have a minimum of $2 to cash out but you can do it soooo fast.....

Feel free to check it out here

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Eversave - Daily Deals

Eversave is another daily deals site that let you save moneyon some nice deals..Rock-bottom deals on the things you love to do and buy in your area. From spa treatments to restaurant discounts, ski packages to yoga classes - we find the best deals and deliver them to you - in the form of a Save.

So register HERE and start you receive some very nice deals...

Mamapedia - great daily sale

Mamapedia is a daily sale that oartnered with some of the most in-demand businesses and providers to bring you incredible discounts on the products and services you know and love.
From family-friendly restaurants to children's museums to spa days, Mamapedia Sweet Deals help make like easier and more enjoyable for busy moms and their families..Best of all, they help you stick to your budget and boost your savings - and that's a perk every mom can appreciate...

When you register you will receive a $5 credit to your account that can be used right away....so you will be able to grab so deals completely FREE of charge...

Usually when deals are out, they are for few days so you have time to grab the deal and not rushed at all...
Some of the time you will just receive the code for the item you purchased via email to print or use online....and some deals are mailed to your mailing address as well....

Few days ago they had the deal that you can get a 1 year susbscription to the Parents Magazine for $5...Since you have the $5 credit, for those who bought this deal, their out of pocket was $0 ....HOW GREAT IS THAT!!!

So hurry up and register HERE  to be able to score some great deals as well...

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Zoombucks is another search and win website pretty much similar to Swagbucks and Irazoo....
You get Zbucks for searching, special offers and code that are released from the team....

You can redeem a bigger choice of Gift Cards so this is a very nice website....you will need a minumum of 2000 ZBucks the 1st time you will redeem but after that you can redeem every 1000 Zbucks

So register HERE and start earning

Irazoo - Seach and Win

Another way to search some Amazon Gift Cards is using Irazoo
It works pretty much the same way as Swagbucks....you search online and earn points, you usually earn 3-4 daily as well....You can search as long as you want to be able to win points..

You can also earn an extra 100 points daily by giving a recommendation on the site that you just searched. you can get 25 points for recommending the site and another 25SB for commenting there too...and you can do that twice daily...

They also added to their features special offers called Mega Points....by doing those  special offers you earn points as well.... and the good thing is that by just going there you get 5 points daily....

A $5 amazon gift card is 3000 points which you get pretty fast

So go HERE and start to earn


Have you heard of Swagbucks? if not...you better read this..

Swagbucks is a search engine like Google where you search online and earn bucks, redeem FREE codes, refere friends and answering poll questions. With all the bucks that you've earned, you can redeem them for gift cards, electronics and much more.....
If you're not a member and would like to join, feel free, just click here, and you'll get 30 swagbucks at registration

Search the web as you usually do but try not to oversearch..You can usually win up to 4 times a day.....mostly 3...

* Videos

When you go here you have thousands of videos to watch….the wins are randoms like the searches, but you can use up to 15 times 5SB with end up being 75SB daily
You can watch videos from the Food section, Entertainment, Fashion & Beauty, Pets & Nature, Technology, Home & Garden, Health & Safety so as you can see you have a lot of videos and actually there are some very nice interesting there....

* Codes
Codes are released by the swagbucks teams, I recommand following  swagbucks on facebook  to be up to date... When you get a code you will then need to go and enter it in the home page here on the right side and then click on gimme

* Swidget
You can create your own swidget with your referral link by going here  and following the instructions....Codes are released there too..

You can earn 4SB daily by doing those things

  1. Toolbar
    1. To download the toolbar go here download and install it….codes are sometimes released there too…. Everyday refresh the toolbar and you will get 1SB
  2. NOSO
    1. No Obligations Special Offers go here and just skip all the offers….at the end you will get 1SB
  3. Daily Polls
    1. Go here and answer the daily question….after answering you will get 1SB
  4. Trusted Surveys
    1. Trusted surveys are just surveys that after completing them, when you qualify you will get the SB for it…..Every day just go there and before seeing the list of surveys available you will get 1SB

After you have enough swagbucks to redeem you can go here to the swagstore and choose what you are interesting to redeem your swagbucks for....can be gift cards like Target, Amazon, Starbucks, Paypal cash and more, you can also redeem for electronics, magazines and more

I have earned over $400 this past years from swagbucks, was able to buy a Nintendo Wii, Ipod, Toys for the kids and more......

So what are you waiting for? Register HERE and start to earn