Hello i decided to start and share with you what i am doing to try to save some extra money in any other way...

Feel free to read and let me know if you have any questions as i will be more than happy to answers them for you...

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Zoombucks is another search and win website pretty much similar to Swagbucks and Irazoo....
You get Zbucks for searching, special offers and code that are released from the team....

You can redeem a bigger choice of Gift Cards so this is a very nice website....you will need a minumum of 2000 ZBucks the 1st time you will redeem but after that you can redeem every 1000 Zbucks

So register HERE and start earning

Irazoo - Seach and Win

Another way to search some Amazon Gift Cards is using Irazoo
It works pretty much the same way as Swagbucks....you search online and earn points, you usually earn 3-4 daily as well....You can search as long as you want to be able to win points..

You can also earn an extra 100 points daily by giving a recommendation on the site that you just searched. you can get 25 points for recommending the site and another 25SB for commenting there too...and you can do that twice daily...

They also added to their features special offers called Mega Points....by doing those  special offers you earn points as well.... and the good thing is that by just going there you get 5 points daily....

A $5 amazon gift card is 3000 points which you get pretty fast

So go HERE and start to earn


Have you heard of Swagbucks? if not...you better read this..

Swagbucks is a search engine like Google where you search online and earn bucks, redeem FREE codes, refere friends and answering poll questions. With all the bucks that you've earned, you can redeem them for gift cards, electronics and much more.....
If you're not a member and would like to join, feel free, just click here, and you'll get 30 swagbucks at registration

Search the web as you usually do but try not to oversearch..You can usually win up to 4 times a day.....mostly 3...

* Videos

When you go here you have thousands of videos to watch….the wins are randoms like the searches, but you can use up to 15 times 5SB with end up being 75SB daily
You can watch videos from the Food section, Entertainment, Fashion & Beauty, Pets & Nature, Technology, Home & Garden, Health & Safety so as you can see you have a lot of videos and actually there are some very nice interesting there....

* Codes
Codes are released by the swagbucks teams, I recommand following  swagbucks on facebook  to be up to date... When you get a code you will then need to go and enter it in the home page here on the right side and then click on gimme

* Swidget
You can create your own swidget with your referral link by going here  and following the instructions....Codes are released there too..

You can earn 4SB daily by doing those things

  1. Toolbar
    1. To download the toolbar go here download and install it….codes are sometimes released there too…. Everyday refresh the toolbar and you will get 1SB
  2. NOSO
    1. No Obligations Special Offers go here and just skip all the offers….at the end you will get 1SB
  3. Daily Polls
    1. Go here and answer the daily question….after answering you will get 1SB
  4. Trusted Surveys
    1. Trusted surveys are just surveys that after completing them, when you qualify you will get the SB for it…..Every day just go there and before seeing the list of surveys available you will get 1SB

After you have enough swagbucks to redeem you can go here to the swagstore and choose what you are interesting to redeem your swagbucks for....can be gift cards like Target, Amazon, Starbucks, Paypal cash and more, you can also redeem for electronics, magazines and more

I have earned over $400 this past years from swagbucks, was able to buy a Nintendo Wii, Ipod, Toys for the kids and more......

So what are you waiting for? Register HERE and start to earn