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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Endorse: Earn Cash Back for In-Store Purchases

I was reading a wonderful blog/website i follow and came across something called Endorse....

What is Endorse?
Endorse is a new app for Facebook that rewards you for buying the products you love. By using Endorse you can "endorse" your favorite products and get paid back for buying those products with your followers whenever and wherever you already shop- online and offline. The more followers you have and the more loyal you all are to those products, the more everyone earns back. You could earn hundreds of dollars a month by staying loyal to your favorite brands, products, and retailers.

How it works.....

Please go over here  and sign up, you need to have a facebook account to be able to use it...

Look for products or store that you're buying from and "endorse"...You will in a few days get envelopes in the mail and just put your receipts there and send it back to them (pretty much like Netflix).
When they will receive your receipts, Endorse will match the purchases you made with the endorsement list you did and then will calculate you cash back

Once you account balance exceeds $25, Endorse will send you a check in the mail....

Until now we only had cash back for online purchases but now with Endorse you will also get money back for purchasing products online....

Now the good thing, is that when we're both endorsing the same products, we both earn at the same time..(i.e if i bought it you will get the 10% as well)
Here's a small list of products and stores that you can endorse and start to get 10% cash back on your store purchases...


Rite Aid

Dollar General


The Children's Place



Crest Toothpaste




Yoplait Go-Gurt

Home Depot

After you join a store/product that i'm endorsing already, please check my list and join from there so we can both earn....

Those are just few of them....you can look for the products you buy, endorse and start to earn 10% cash back

Thanks go to Collin from Hip2Save

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