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Sunday, February 19, 2012

FREE scraf + FREE shipping from Sneakpeeq

When you register to Sneakpeeq you will get a $10 credit on your account and on top of that you can get a FREE scarf including free shipping....
How cool is that???

Here's how to get it 

Go HERE and become a member by clicking on the pink "sign in" button.

After you click on the pink "sign in" button you will see a pop up from Facebook.
They are a social shopping company, so the only way you become a member is through Facebook connect.

Next click on the pink "get your reward" button to get your FREE Silk Scarf 
and FREE $10 credit!
Click on the pink "style" tap on the top. Scroll down to "Spring Fling" scarf.
Click on the pink "peeq for your price" button. You do no have to pay the listed

price because you have received a "Silk Scarf Badge". Click on the pink 
"buy now" button.

You are taken to the Checkout page. Enter your address and click on the pink

"submit payment" button....once again, there is no payment, because the price
is $0.00!!

(thanks to Cheap mama Chick for the explanations)

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